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"We can not become what we want by remaining what we are" - Max Depree


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Sat, November 12, 2022

4 years in and our mission, and theory are still the same: Supported contractors leads to satisfied customers!

We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our customers. Our communication, focus on service and passion for our crafts is what sets us apart from other lawn care services.

Not only are we customer focused, we are also living wage focused! We believe in paying our contractors a living wage for the Orlando area. We believe the only way to take care of our customers is to take care of our contractors first! 

Originally, Louis Lawn & Landscaping was a D.C, Maryland Metropolitan business. We have now relocated to Orlando, Florida.

“Your prices are too high!”

Maybe. I personally believe we as a society have been indoctrinated into undervaluing the skills and time of not only ourselves but others that service us. So to be frank - you’re paying for experience, quality and most importantly partaking into a movement that believes in breaking the cycle of poverty and strengthening the foundations of the local economy, while creating a standard for other businesses to follow.

More on being a living wage focused company

The living wage for Florida area for a child free young adult is $17.24. For Orlando it's $18.19 We are committed to making our minimum pay equal to the living wage of the central Orlando area. We expect our contractors to give their best and in return it is our duty to provide them with the financial compensation the allows them to continue living in the communities that they service.

"Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth" - Brian H McGill

I am 37 years old, and a father of 4. I'm a Maryland native, and a military brat! Being from a military background, working hard IS my nature. My father instilled in me a strong vision, tons of ambition, a competitive spirit and a will to produce! With Louis Lawn & Landscaping, I have built on top the foundation he has laid for me; while creating my own foundation for my children to build upon on in the future. Just like my father did with me when I was my son's age; I train and challenge the contractors around me, so they can learn the art of economic self-sufficiency. 

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