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Spring 2022

Build Your Lawn Care Package

Here's what you need to know

Weeding (Hand), Trimming & Pruning are a part of our basic maintenance package. Light Debris Removal and Leaf Removal will be an additional cost.  Lawn cuts and Snow removal are a separate services and will be charged separately and will be serviced on a different days.

We trim and prune trees, hedges and shrubs under 12ft. Note: we don't trim or prune trees near any powerlines! It's not a risk we are willing to take.

Starting October 1st to December 20th, we will  visit your property either bi weekly or weekly (your choice) to remove the leaves that have fallen. Note starting october 1st the subscription price will rise to compensate the price of the disposal of the leaves.

Our preferred way of weeding is by using a vinegar and ocean water based spray. This spray is safe for kids, pets and the environment. We do offer other forms of spray just in case and we can also weed out your beds by hand if you prefer. Weeding normally takes place when the ground temperature  is above 65 degrees. 

While we are on your property we will lightly pick up any trash or environmental debris we find. However, WE DO NOT PICK UP ANY WASTE! Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page in regards to pet waste.

How do we price our services?

For commercial properties, our services are priced by the man hour and cost of materials. It will look very similar to any other landscaping estimate. For residential properties, our services are prices at a flat rate by the square footage. We calculate the square footage by measuring out all areas you would like serviced. To your right are the basic maintenance prices. Please call us or submit a quote, and schedule a walk through. We will let you know what square footage your maintenance falls into.

10 sq ft - 100 sq ft will be $62.50 a month

101 sq ft - 200 sq ft will be $93.75 a month 

201 sq ft - 300 sq ft will be $115.50 a month 

301 sq ft - 400 sq ft will be $125.00 a month 

401 sq ft - 500 sq ft will be $156.25 a month 

501 sq ft - 600 sq ft will be 187.50 a month 

The prices above are for weeding only maintenance


Animal Waste

Please be sure to pick up any animal waste in your yard. If animal waste is present, customer will be charged a $10.00 fee. The contractor will notify his or hers manager and the manager will notify the customer. If animal waste damages the equipment or uniform of a contractor, customer will be charged a $50.00 fee. Louis Lawn & Landscaping LLC contractors hold the rights to refuse to service to the area in which the animal waste is located or postpone service all together. If the service is postponed or if the area(s) was left unserviced, customer will still be charged their full cost(per visit) total.


Customers who are subscribed to our subscription based maintenance service will be charge for services on a monthly basis. The subscription service will be provided by PayPal. If clients automatic payment fails, all services will be halted until payment has been scheduled. Please note that maintenance and lawn cuts are two separate subscriptions.

Delayed services

Contractors will have 14 days to render all contracted services. If for whatever reasons our contractors are unable to performed the contracted services within the 14 day period, customers are entitled to a refund at the end of the season.

Maintenance expectation

Louis Lawn & Landscaping LLC are not responsible for weeds in lawn. We do not guarantee eradication of weeds only maintaining the extraction weeds in garden beds and decorative areas.

Cancellations - Postpone service

Customers have the right to cancel and postpone service for whatever reasons. If a customer wishes to cancel service, they must let Louis Lawn & Landscaping LLC know one week prior to service day. If client fails to give one week notice of cancellation, client is responsible for one months worth of service cost.

Defining services

Only the work described in the description will be done.

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